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television just got exciting again......


the best channels

Kapang has already recruited more than 60 top channels with both live and video on demand available to all users on all devices


television platforms

We are scaling all of our services across a number of platforms to provide the greatest flexibility for viewing but we are open for anyone to advise us we have overlooked  great opportunity


television anywhere

At Kapang we know that mobile and tablet computers provide the ability for people to watch entertaining viewing anywhere, Kapang has embraced this high audience by making all channels available anywhere, even abroad.



24/7 support

Our team watch the services 24/7 to make sure that your viewing is not interrupted and you always get a fast response and a high quality of viewing and we react quicly if we are highlighted of any issues.


multi device apps

Kapang has been developed to feature on all devices manufactured in the last 3 years with a full road map for all new devices as they appear for total viewing flexibility


viewing quality

Unlike most television services available through dish and airwaves we provide a very high percentage of all live transmissions in HD and 4k to make sure the viewer gets the best viewing experience

future of television services from kapang

watch tv online - kapang

check out some examples



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